One Rock State is a project founded in 2010. The founder of the project was a musician and promoter Vyacheslav Kudryashov, as well as an experienced DJ Kirill Kozlov. Now the project is aimed at creating melodic techno music. The latest achievements are the release with Stan Kolev (Miami) and Gai Barone (Italy). As well as support for Cosmic Gate, Shane 54, Stan Kolev, OzzyXPM.


New Way


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About Album

One Rock State – it is a project founded in late 2011.
The project was founded by a young and ambitious DJ,
musician and promoter Vyacheslav Kudryashov, one of the founders of the Fast Foot project, as
well as his partner Kirill Kozlov (qeereell).
After some time, Vyacheslav left the project and Kirill kept the project until the time
when his level of writing music reached a good sound.
And a few years later, he released a new track the New way.
It can be considered a rebirth of the project and the beginning of a new Techno movement!
The release also includes an outstanding Remix by popular musician Stan Kolev.

Artist: One Rock State
Label: Gradera Music
Release Date: 14-12-2020
Genres: Melodic Progressive, Techno
People: One Rock State, Stan Kolev

Album Reviews

Very nice sound One Rock State, will consider for radio shows or upcoming events going forward, thank you! You can check our Instagram for any public radio shows, etc. that might include the release.

Bruce Cullen

The "Original Mix" is built very well, with increasing build ups, creating the right hype and starting with the same energy as they were introduced. Track passed with full marks! A bit of disappointment for Kolev's work, making a remix a bit too relaxed for the standards we are used to; he plays well-arranged modern sounds, as in his style, but lacks the extra gear. Overall still a good job, and I expect a good response, especially from the dancefloor.